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Our Company Compares Screed and Concrete

To the untrained eye, screed and concrete can seem like the same thing. However, these materials have different compositions and applications. As an established screeding company, Specialist Screeding Ltd provides all the advice you need to ensure you choose the right option for your project in Slough or the surrounding areas. Our screeding services cover standard and specialist floor screeding, including fibre screeding and latex screeding. Ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial projects, our screeds may very well prove the better option over concrete for your job.

Based in High Wycombe, we cover Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and the nearby counties. If you would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us – we’re the screeding specialists!

The Difference Between Screed and Concrete

Both concrete and floor screeding are made of cement, water and an aggregate. The exception is latex screeding which uses latex instead of water. Screeds can also include additional materials and admixtures. For example, fibre screeding contains plastic fibres.

The main difference comes in the type of aggregate we use. Concrete uses a coarse aggregate such as gravel, providing greater strength and a rougher surface finish. Screeds generally use sand which results in a smoother, finer and more tightly packed texture.

Consequently, concrete is ideal for structural work and screed is better as a top layer on a concrete floor slab. Our screeding services in Slough are also used for levelling uneven floors and providing a suitable surface for the installation of floor coverings.

Another difference is that, while concrete is often mixed off site and delivered, our screeding company mixes screed onsite.

Different Uses

Concrete has an extensive range of uses and is the most widely used construction material in the UK. When it comes to flooring, concrete slabs support the load of buildings/structures, act as an insulator and provide a flat surface. Concrete can provide the final floor finish – concrete floors are common in industrial environments. Concrete driveways and garage floors are also popular.

Floor screeding is used when a colourful or functional floor is required, rather than a basic concrete surface. We also use screed to level uneven floors and avoid bumps. Latex screeding is the best option for floor levelling, repair and restoration. Rest assured, screed still offers a strong, hard-wearing surface. This is especially true of fibre screeding.

Screeding services are suitable for internal and external applications and domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

Screed protects the concrete slab underneath and provides a smooth, level surface for final floor coverings like carpet and tile. Our clients in the Slough area can also leave the screed exposed as the final surface, which is more attractive than concrete. Furthermore, screed is ideal for use with underfloor heating systems. Our screeding company can provide underfloor heating preparation as well as planning and design specifications.

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