Latex Screeding in Aylesbury
The Benefits of Using Latex Floor Screed in Commercial Settings

Commercial environments are generally much busier than domestic properties, so it is important they have a durable flooring solution which can withstand heavy use. Whether installing flooring for a shop, factory, office, warehouse or any other commercial premises in the Aylesbury area, our screeding company delivers the perfect solution. Our latex screeding is one of the best options for commercial settings, but we also offer fibre screeding as well as specialist floor screeding.

Whichever of our screeding services you need, you can be sure of dependable performance for many years to come. Our team provides tailored advice on each job, ensuring you get the right screed for your project.

While any screed can work well in a commercial environment, latex screed offers a range of benefits which make it a popular choice.

These advantages include:

A Versatile Screed

Commercial builds, renovations and refurbishments require versatile design and application solutions. As such, our clients in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas often need adaptable screeding services to meet the unique specifications of their projects.

Latex screeding allows us to achieve your required floor height and finish without compromising on quality. Laying to a depth of 2mm-15mm, we install latex screed where there is simply not enough room for thicker fibre screeding.

Furthermore, latex screed is durable and more lightweight. This makes it suitable for a diverse range of settings. For example, our screeding company provides latex floor screeding for open-plan and multi-storey property designs.

Another factor which makes latex screed a versatile option is that it can prepare surfaces for various types of flooring or be used as an attractive floor finish. The self-levelling mix effectively levels uneven surfaces and Specialist Screeding Ltd ensures a high-quality subfloor for coverings such as tiles, vinyl and carpet.

A Fast-Drying Solution

We undertake most of our screeding services for builders and property developers in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. Because of this, we are used to working with clients who need to meet deadlines. If time is an issue, you need a screed which will dry quickly, and latex screeding does just that.

Our screeding company understands that commercial projects often have stricter schedules. For this reason, we may recommend fast-drying latex screed, allowing you to lay any final floor coverings as soon as possible.

To help all projects run efficiently, we can mix a fast-drying additive into any type of floor screeding, including fibre screeding.

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